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the website for STAMP (Shad Thames Area Management Partnership)

STAMP (Shad Thames Area Management Partnership) is a collaboration between stakeholders in and around the Shad Thames area. In 2014 we agreed a Management Plan which provides a framework to protect, enhance and celebrate the area’s distinctive features. Our aim is to strengthen the identity of Shad Thames and make it welcoming for a wide range of community, business and leisure activities.

STAMP operates through a Stakeholder Group made up of local residents, businesses, cultural organisations, elected councillors and Southwark Council officers. Membership is inclusive – any individual or business who supports our aims is welcome to join. We only ask that, for individuals, they live or work in the Shad Thames area (or nearby) and, for businesses, they operate in the area.

See What We Do for more details

What we do

STAMP operates through its Stakeholder Group¸ a collaborative partnership between stakeholders in and around the Shad Thames area. We work hard to balance the interests of all stakeholders and to benefit everyone who lives, visits and works in the area. The Terms of Reference of the Stakeholder Group, along with our Strategy Framework 2019-2024 and an Overview of our approach can be found on the Resources page below. You can also download a copy of our self-guided Shad Thames Trail from the Resources page.


STAMP Winter Update

At our last meeting in summer 2022, we focused on the best way for STAMP to move forward in a sustainable and effective way. Our elected North Bermondsey ward councillors (Rachel Bentley, Hamish McCallum and Emily Tester) have agreed to lead a Working Group reflecting all interests in Shad Thames. Our councillors have also been discussing with Southwark Council the importance of the area as well as a review of the Shad Thames Management Plan, which is due by 2024.

Shad Thames Facebook

STAMP and STRA (Shad Thames Residents’ Association) have jointly set up a Facebook group called “Our Shad Thames”.  If you are a Facebook user and live or work locally, why not join the group and be part of the conversation?


Shad Thames Trail

We’ve reprinted an updated version of our popular guide Shad Thames Trail.  You can download a copy on the Resources page below, or email us with your address at info@loveshadthames.org and we’ll post you a printed copy.


Next Stakeholder Group forum – date to be confirmed

Another meeting is planned for later in the year. Please check back here for further details.
Meanwhile if you live or work in or near the Shad Thames area and would like to join our Stakeholder Group or be an active member of the Working Group, please contact info@loveshadthames.org.

Get Involved

Are you an individual living or working in or around the Shad Thames area? Do you run a business in this area? And, like so many of us, do you love Shad Thames? If so, please get in touch!

STAMP will only be able to make a difference if a wide range of stakeholders are actively involved. So whatever your background, skills and connection with the area, and however much or little time you can commit, please join us to strengthen and promote our shared Shad Thames community.

Contact us by email: info@loveshadthames.org


It has never been more important to support and celebrate local businesses in Shad Thames.  We are in the process of updating this page to reflect changes to the area post-COVID.